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Sasha Wolfe
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Greetings, I am very happy to make your acquaintance.

My name is Sasha Wolfe and I am an artist, writer, photographer, and Tai Chi instructor. The need to create is a driving force in my life. If I didn’t write, draw, paint, or take photographs, I’d go crazy… or die… or worse.

Let me introduce you to some of the work I have done. It is my hope that you will be inspired. Creativity is healing and it doesn't matter what form your art takes.

Offered for sale are Exquisite Charcoal Landscape Drawings, Fine Art Photographs, books, and more. Most pictures can be made into note cards, frame cards, or various sized prints up to 13 x 19 inches (matted would be 18 x 24.) I also hand knit beautiful, machine washable scarves. Click on the links for more info.

Everyone IS an artist. It's in finding what inspires you and allowing those passions to flow in a positive way. Let your emotions pour through your pen. Let your joy splash onto a canvas or a page. Transform your anger into a work of beauty. Write, paint, make designs with things you find, decorate your house, plant flowers, whatever… it's all about releasing emotional energy so you will feel alive.

There is a connectedness that is felt in sharing and it is important to know that we are never really alone. I share some of my work with you and perhaps you will share some of yours with me.

Enjoy your journey through this site and please feel free to contact me.

Namarie---go with light and joy!

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Page last updated: September 24, 2016

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